Our Team

Our team is committed to helping congregations and individuals increase conservation and sustainability.

Ark. IPL is an equal opportunity employer.
AIPL prohibits discrimination.

Scharmel Roussel

Part-Time Executive Director

Marthella Johnson

Part-Time Outreach Coordinator

Jimmy Parks

Part-Time Urban Agriculture Manager

Conway Garden Team

Zach, Dylan, Stephanie, Zeke, Mindy

Garden Team

Pulaski County and
Faulkner County

Pulaski County Team

Rose, Marthella, Anika, Stephen, LeRoi, Doris, Ash, Diane, Celeste, Earnest, Jimmy

Our Team

Scharmel Roussel is Part-Time Executive Director.

Marthella Johnson (right), Outreach Coordinator. She will help with your Cool Congregation Applications for Certification and Challenge Awards (up to $1,000). 

AIPL Board of Directors
Terry Tremwel
Donnal Walter
David Gill
Mark Mulkerin