mission builders cutting insulation

Mission Builders

$25 – Become a Green Spirit.

$30 – Buy a Ticket to the April 22 Earth Day Concert. We will receive a notification and have a ticket for you at the door of St. Michael’s Church in Little Rock. The Earth Day Concert is April 22 every year.

$50 – Be Named an Earth Steward.

$100 – Join the Creation Keepers.

$200 – Join Ark. IPL Sacred Circle Members.

You can now donate directly to Arkansas IPL securely and conveniently online via PayPal!

If you prefer, you may make contributions to our energy efficiency improvement projects (retrofits) and other mission outreach efforts by mailing a check to:

Arkansas IPL, P.O.Box 2441, Little Rock, AR 72203

Arkansas IPL is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is greatly appreciated and tax deductible. It will be used to assist our neighbors in need.

You also may give to Arkansas Interfaith Power and Light at our physical office location at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 12415 Cantrell Rd. Little Rock, AR 72223.

Your contribution will provide for insulation, weather stripping, caulking, foam board, CFL bulbs and more. Thank you for your support.

Here is an example of one of our past projects fully funded by contributions from great people like you! Our Tighten-Up Bags were holiday treat bags given out to our neighbors in need who sometimes must choose between paying utility bills and buying food. The bags were full of small items to help save a little money on utility bills during the holiday season, and year-round!

2015 Gifts

$25 – Become a Green Spirit:  Cindy Conger, Mary Wilmuth, Margaret Birdsong, Thea Hauser, Steve Hoffman, Marty Morgan, Ruth Shepherd, Kenneth Hicks, Pat Roussel,  R. Jean Hine, Dixie Quinn, Cherry  Vess Smith, Donna Emmett, Kenny Jackson, Tom Navin, Ann Marchant, Matthew Bintliff

$50 – Be Named an Earth Steward: Vicki & David Gill, Nancy Eddy, Nancy Dockter, Malik Saafir, Brian Broussard, Sarah & Fred Ball, Kathleen Weickhardt, Dina Nash, Lisa Hlass, Jan Bowen, Scharmel Roussel

$100 – Join the Creation Keepers: Donnal Walter, Caroline Stevenson, William Monagle, Ann & Rick Owen, Diane Shockley, Bob Kinzel

$200 and More – Join Ark. IPL Sacred Circle Members: Arkansas Community Foundation, Arkansas Arts Council, Steve & Judi Copley, Barbara Jarvis, Arkansas Sierra Club, Second Presbyterian Church (Little Rock), Jo & Frank Kelly, C.A. Kelso, Sharon & Gerald Cound

2014 Gifts

$25 – Become a Green Spirit: Loriee Evans, Ellen McNulty, Vicki Gill, Pat Roussel, Glenn White, Becky White, Amelia Walters, Madge Brown, Alice Andrews, Tracy Sykes, Leland Sykes, Ann Owen, Rick Owen, Carol Young, Shirley Short-Norwood, Scharmel Roussel, Caroline Stevenson, Gerald Cound, Sharon Cound, Dave Schoen, Susan Schoen, Nathaniel Grady, Nona Grady, Tom Navin, Candace Barron, Marilyn Rumph, Bill Corbin

$50 – Be Named an Earth Steward: Jane Miers, Susan Barrister, Rev. David Gill, Linda Kay Smith, Ginny Kurris

$100 – Join the Creation Keepers: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Little Rock), Brian Broussard, Donnal Walter, Steve & Judi Copley

$200 – Join Ark. IPL Sacred Circle Members: Home Energy Rx, Village Commons, Ark. Sierra Club, Barbara Jarvis, Arkansas United Methodist “Peace With Justice” Fund, Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas, Frank Kelly, CFP – Ifrah Financial Services, Inc., Leo Hauser, Second Presbyterian Church (Little Rock)