July 21: Presentation at St. Mark‘s Parish Hall, Little Rock, 9:15. Learn more about Ark. IPL and CCL’s Energy Innovation & Dividend Act.

July 27: Girl Scout Expo Activity, Little Rock

Join the Arkansas Nature Lovers Team!

July 1-31 EcoChallenge

The team is hosted by Arkansas Interfaith Power & Light. Anyone can join. Challenges start July 1 and benefit all of Arkansas.PromiseGJuly2019

Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle. Eat less meat. Eat local. Refuse plastic straws & plastic bags. Walk more! Drive less.

So many challenges to choose… create your own challenges. Invite others to join our Arkansas Nature Lovers team.

Join Here: https://plasticfree.ecochallenge.org/dashboards/teams/arkansas-nature-lovers


July 11: Promise Garden

12 participants in the Sister To Sister summer program picked beans, picked squash, and refreshed the chicken coop at a community garden.


Coming in October – Solar Tour: https://www.nationalsolartour.org/

Two Open Houses in Arkansas so far – October 5 & 6. Stay tuned!


We Have Good News…


Ark. IPL has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency to offer a guidebook to help houses of worship reduce energy consumption.

Information includes gaining clergy support, motivating the congregation, and forming an environmental stewardship ministry (green team).

For a copy of the pdf file of the buidebook, email us at arkansasipl@gmail.com.