retrofit volunteersPINE BLUFF! Our most recent retrofit project was Saturday, June 15, 2013 at the Family Development Community Center in Pine Bluff. Here is the Channel 7 News Story: ABC Affiliate News

Read the news story printed in the Pine Bluff Commercial Newspaper: Community Center gets efficiency makeover



Read the online story about the results of our mission project at the Vera Lloyd Children’s Home in Monticello: Energy Corps Story

We made a difference on Martin Luther King Day!

Volunteers returned to the Pettus House on the campus of the Vera Lloyd Children’s Home in Monticello on Monday, January 21. On work days over a three-month period in November, December, and January, we increased the attic insulation R-value from 7 to 30. We used weather stripping, caulk guns, duct tape, and other materials to reduce leakage and increase efficiency. Now 100% of the light bulbs are energy efficient CFLs. We lowered the hot water temperature. We installed programmable thermostats. The anticipated savings are 40% in the first year, taking into account inflation. Over a 20-year period, the Pettus House is expected to save roughly $8,000 in utility bills. If not for anticipated inflation of utility costs, the savings would be even greater. We thank our partners Energy Innovation of Arkansas, Second Presbyterian Church in Little Rock, Arkansas Sierra Club and Arkansas Energy Corps. Thanks for the dedicated staff at the Vera Lloyd Children’s Home. Our next project is at Our House for the working homeless in Little Rock. Watch for details on a mission day in March.



Recent News: September 8, 2012 Energy Efficiency Improvements at Walters Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Carlisle. 15 volunteers helped. Watch our slide show.

Results according to Verve Solutions:

R-38 attic insulation (fiberglass batts and blown cellulose insulation)

R-13 blown cellulose wall insulation (previously the walls had no (-0-) insulation)

38% reduction in duct leakage

85% of bulbs are now CFLs


On Monday, June 18, trained professional volunteers – our friends and partners at Verve Solutions – conducted an energy audit at Walters Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Carlisle. It included a blower door test. To get ready, Lolisa Crowe and Brian Broussard sealed air vents and more to determine where energy leaks occur in the 160-year-old country church. They will make recommendations for improvements. After energy efficiency improvements are made, Verve will again conduct a test to determine the effect of our efforts.

The next retrofit project is Saturday, September 8, at Walters Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Carlisle. Our partners are Verve Solutions, Pulaski Technical College, Arkansas Energy Corps, Pulaski County Regional Recycling District, Arkansas Sierra Club and Arkansas Mission Builders (from Paragould). All are welcome to help. Contact us at


On Saturday, May 19, 2012, Arkansas IPL hosted its 5th energy efficiency improvement project – this one at a Boys & Girls Club location in Little Rock. Volunteers caulked all windows, added weather stripping around doors, and placed foam insulation behind light switches and plugs. 

May 21 Letter from Boys & Girls Club:

On behalf of the children from the Mitchell Boys & Girls Club, thank you.  Thank you for spending your Saturday making it a better place for the kids.  The club is the positive place for so many of them….a fun, safe place they can  call their own.  Your help in getting the building energy efficient will allow us to more money towards the programs that are changing lives.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…… are an answer to a prayer.

Cindy Doramus, CEO

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas

Previously on March 28, Viridian conducted a blower door test (air barrier testing) and a test with non-toxic theatrical smoke to pinpoint leaks. See the video on youtube: Kevin, the Energy Services Project Manager at Viridian

Our partners were Viridian, Regional Recycling and Waste Reduction of Pulaski County, Arkansas Sierra Club, Habitat for Humanity and the Arkansas Energy Office.

We provided caulk guns, weather stripping, CFL bulbs, and a delicious lunch for all volunteers who helped. Thanks go to our excellent volunteers Jon, Bob, Tracy, Lolisa, Kevin, Nathan!

chart of building leakage before and after retrofit

Analysis of Results: Viridian conducted a post-test on August 15, 2012. The leakage rate found during the test before the retrofit was found to be higher than the leakage rate after the retrofit actions. This proves that the measures taken as part of the retrofit were a success. (see chart provided by Viridian)


Our past retrofit projects include Duncan United Methodist Church, Little Rock; Wofford Missionary Baptist Church, Helena; Simone’s Home for Foster Teenage Girls, Little Rock; Mount Comfort Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville.