Solar Co-Op

75 attended August 20 at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

Ark. IPL hosted an organizational meeting to discuss the possibility of the first Solar Energy Cooperative in the Little Rock area on Wednesday, August 20, at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 12415 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock.

Frank Kelly, Chairman of Arkansas Renewable Energy Association, facilitated discussion of a new initiative in which a group of homeowners, schools, houses of worship, and small businesses might purchase clean energy systems together. Systems are individually owned, but participants benefit from group negotiating power and bulk prices.

Have you always wanted to declare your energy independence but thought the cost of a rooftop solar system was out of reach? Through a co-op, you may benefit from significant savings.

The model has been implemented successfully in other states in which co-op owners may take advantage of lower group-rate costs for rooftop solar systems.