Ark. IPL Positions

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Mac and Benn

The Arkansas affiliate of Interfaith Power and Light supports efforts that preserve and protect our natural world for future generations; and asks those in policy-making positions to endorse:

  •  Climate legislation that protects the environment
  • Transitioning to clean renewable energy sources
  • Public policies that support the earth’s ecosystems
  • Regulations that respect all life
  • Provisions for justice for all socio-economic levels
  • Creation of new energy jobs that will pull people out of poverty
  • Protection of the earth’s natural resources from exploitation
  • Moving away from our nation’s dependence on foreign oil
  • Improving national security through reliance on U.S. resources
  • Incentives for individuals and businesses to move toward sustainable energy practices
  • Actions by federal, state & local regulatory entities that fulfill their duties to improve the quality of air, water and soil for the benefit of our neighbors in Arkansas, throughout the United States, and around the world.

We believe that our over-consumption has impacted our brothers and sisters. Our actions endanger the lives of children today and those of future generations.

We are opposed to governmental actions that will allow for the further exploitation of the earth’s natural resources.